Zero Waster’s Travel Companion

I'm very happy to announce that I'm the co-author of an e-book which is a comprehensive guide featuring zero waste-friendly addresses in 32 cities all around the world, entitled The Zero Waster’s Travel Companion. This guide will help ethically minded people live waste-free and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Zero Waster’s Travel Companion will give you an easily accessible reference to activities, shops, and restaurants facilitating a less wasteful lifestyle. No more endless searches and guessing — you can find out quickly where to shop packaging free, get take-out food in your own containers, get rid of your compost, donate unused items, or shop secondhand. Eliminating the bulk of the research and footwork allows travelers to experience the benefits of zero waste, such as cost savings and an increased connection with the community, without the usual barriers to entry.

Download the e-book


The e-book was compiled by the Zero Waste Bloggers Network, a nonprofit organization with over 235 global members dedicated to promoting zero waste with online and offline strategies, founded in 2015 by blogger Inge Echterhölter from GRüNISH.


The e-book is available as PDF, in Kindle and epub format and can be purchased and downloaded here. All proceeds will fund future Zero Waste Blogger’s Network projects to raise environmental awareness and help support the zero waste community.

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