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Living a Zero Waste lifestyle since several years, I know about the struggles and obstacles to fight the extensive environmental impacts of our throwaway society. With the increasing amount of waste that individuals, businesses and communities are generating, our nature faces unprecedented tasks in overcoming pollution.

Waste is a global challenge that affects everyone. The hope for a solution to which all people can contribute: produce less waste. For people who want to live healthier and simplify their daily routine by saving time and money, the Zero Waste concept is a great way to go – freeofwaste!





You will learn about the aims and goals of Zero Waste and find out which areas in your life can be transformed into a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle that causes less waste, with specific advice how to avoid plastic and unnecessary packaging. I give tips and tricks for your everyday life, at home, in the office and for traveling.

The aim of my work through a consulting is to help you to reduce costs, reduce waste, save time and promote your individual participation in environmentalism through raised awareness.

In a free phone conversation, we get to know each other without obligation and discuss the first steps.

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